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We at Roop Chand Institute of Fine Art Focus on improving the mind which is full of creativity but yet to be discovered. We prepare our student not only creatively but also emotionally to face the world.


Our Objective

The objective of the course is to enhance and refine the skills of the Hidden Talents. Nurture them to understand the methodologies, Materials and Fast Changing Techniques. Diversified inspiring classes/workshops for introductory, intermediate & advanced level students. We offer Fine Art Diploma courses in Delhi, N.C.R.

All RCIFA courses are now available worldwide through our Live and Interactive Online Classes. 

What To Expect 


a) Free hand Drawing 
b) Objects and Nature study 
c) Different Techniques: 
– Proportion, Volume 
– Visual Perspective 
– Eye Level & Vanishing Point 
– Horizontal and Vertical lines 
– Bold and Rhythmic lines 
– Relationship between lines 
– Value and Texture 
– Sketching from different angles 
d) Indoor sketching. 
e) Medium – Pencil, Charcoal, Dry Pastel.

Still Life
  1. Introduction to various techniques. 
  2. Study of foreground and background with drapery.
  3. Texture study with different materials like cloth, wood, glass, bronze, mirror, china clay, terracotta, etc. 
  4. Selection and arrangement of objects. 
  5. Eye level, source of light, tonal variation, composition. 
  6. Drawing from different angles.
  7. Details about light & shades. 
  8. Medium – Pencil, Pencil Colours.
Figure Drawing
  1. Freehand drawing from human figure to study proportion. 
  2. Stick drawing and Block drawing. 
  3. Basic anatomy, Head study from different angles.
  4. Full figure study. 
  5. Quick sketching and Finished sketching. 
  6. Sketching practice of different parts of body. 
Charcoal and ink sketching
  1. Basic intoduction with theory. 
  2. Selection of artistic view with picture frames. 
  3. Detail study of variation in sunlight. 
  4. Addition and elimination, simplification, eye level and Vanishing Point. 
  5. Perspective, balance and rhythms in composition. 
  6. Study of Cityscape and Seascape.
  7. Medium – Pencil, Charcoal, Crayon, Water Colours and Oil Colours(Any Two).

1. H.B. Pencil & Shading pencil 

  • Shading Gradations 
  • 20 Shades with single pencil 
  • Light to dark technique 
  • Dark to light technique

2. Charcoal 

  • Drawing with charcoal stick. 
  • Life drawing and portrait. 
  • Reverse painting with eraser. 
  • Use of cloth and cotton.

3. Pencil Colours 

  • Study of colour wheel 
  • Mixing of two colours 
  • Tonal variation

4. Dry Crayons (Pastels) 

  • Different effects with different techniques 
  • Abstract & Semi abstract painting 
  • Fixing method

5. Oil Pastels 

  • Still life 
  • Figure drawing 
  • Creative Drawing 
  • Landscaping

6. Water Colours 

  • Theory 
  • Wet and wet technique 
  • Use of handmade paper 
  • Light to dark effect.
  • Outdoor practice 
  • Creative painting

7. Acrylic Colours

  • Use of Acrylic Colours
  • Texture Work
  • Mixing Work
  • Experimental Work
  • Abstract & Semi abstract painting
  • Contemporary Art

8. Oil Colours 

  • Theory 
  • Techniques 
  • Types of brushes 
  • Use of Spatula, roller 
  • Preservation 
  • Detail practice (Portrait Study, Realistic Figures, Imaginary Compositions)

Part – I What is Art? 

  1. Indian Art 
  2. Western Arts (Only rudiments of these topics will be covered.)

Part II Aesthetic 

  1. Introduction to Indian Aesthetic 
  2. Elements of art 
  3. Concept of Beauty and Rasa. 
  4. Six limbs of Indian Art 
  5. Contemporary artists of India 
  6. Great artists of West

Part III Method & Medium 

  1. Importance of methods and materials 
  2. Nature and characteristics of painting mediums

Part – IV Exhibition and Display

  1. Selection of Suitable Art Gallery
  2. Booking 
  3. Catalogue Designing and Printing 
  4. Display of art work 
  5. Lighting 
  6. Art critics 
  7. Invitations 
  8. Arrangement

25000+ Students Enrolled

I had a great and awesome experience with RCIFA. I have done 3 years Diploma course from here. RCIFA’s environment and the experience which I gained from here converted my hobby into my passion. I have learnt a lot from all the faculty members. They give full freedom to their students to learn what they want and always encourage them to develop their own style. After creating my own style, I did my first solo show in RCIFA gallery and the opening ceremony day was the day which changed my life. Thanks RCIFA from the bottom of my heart for providing me a platform to enhance my skills and helping me to exhibit my works in India as well as in California, USA.

Trisha Dang

Roop Chand Institute of fine arts is not mere and institution for me . This institute has become my family where at any given time i can go and ask my doubts, discuss goals of my life . Not only i cleared my entrence exam for college of art under the guidence of qualified faculty but also got various opportunities to show case my self. Opportunities which might be dreams for many at such young age.
I exhibited my work at Kala mela(lalit kala akademi), A.I.F.A.C.S, Indian habitat centre, Visual art gallery and recived gold medal from Pyarelal bhawan.
This institute has held hands of every child who came seeking a future in art and wanted to follow passion. It was through sir i could attend an auction at saffron art at avery young age of 24 which can be a dream come true for any budding or any artist to see a painting getting sold in front of your eyes of a master like Akabar padmshrree. I could not sleep for many night, a seed of being an artist was sown. What ever i have or will achive in future the credit will always be incomplete with out Roop chand institute of fine arts.

Aman Anand

If I were to asked of a good Institute for finearts in Delhi, then I will not hesitate to give RoopChand Institute of FineArts as a prominent Institute, I have had the opportunity to expose myself to various numbers of institute for finearts before I join Roopchand Institute of finearts. The reason why I chose this institute over the rests that I have got to talk to is because of the additional factors that comes with this institute, the guidance and love provided here by the faculties and the teachers are eminent to credit. The guidance and support each student’s gets in achieving the feats they want have given us not only a various perspective and make the students a better artists but also a significant one. Not just in holding our hands and guiding us throughout in making our desired passion for arts possible but also uplifts our courage and belief in ourselves to work for the goals we aspire. If one aspires to be a genuine artists, this feelings can be made possible by RoopChand Institute of Finearts. I myself is in a position of understanding myself just because of my association with the Institute. Today I am of the belief that I can be a true artist to the core.

Thouba Thokchom

I feel very thankful for being a part of RCIFA family. I enjoyed every part of every single lesson. Sir Roop Chand has been a great role model for me. He has taught me to be able to see the kind of passion he puts in his artwork, and I am more than willing to do it on my side with the skills and abilities you have shared with me. I would like to be keep in tough with you. These classes were more than worth it. I have learned more than I thought I could learn.

Sir Roop Chand has been one of the best teacher I have ever had .

Shivani Gupta

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